ethio telecom provides interconnect voice, SMS, and transit services. We have active voice partners in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. (to locate on world map).

Currently, ethio telecom has points of presence in London Telehouse, Djibouti Landing station. Globally, we have more than 23 interconnect partners. Some of our major partners are:

Ethio telecom is interested to establish direct interconnection with potential partners who fulfil commercial and technical requirements. We are flexible enough  to discuss and negotiate on offering preferential rate to partners who can promote Ethiopia and collect more traffic.

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Ethio telecom provides  roaming services for:-Voice & SMS, GPRS and  M2M roaming. We have both standard tariffs and preferred IOT deals. So far, we have roaming deals in 178 countries with more than 530 telecom operators. Of this, we have a preferred IOT deals with over 106 operators in over 60 countries. So ethio telecom welcomes other operators for preferred IOT deal.

Machine to Machine Roaming (M2M)

We provide M2M roaming using SIM cards that helps to communicate devices and machines each other and managing them remotely. Potential customers can deploy the service for: cargo tracking in airlines, shipping lines and trucks, transportation management system, geo fencing, travel and tourism, electronics suppliers and distributors, manufacturing, agriculture, energy & utilities, health and insurance, on-board Entertainment, etc.

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We provide international data link with L3, L2 and IPLC options.

Currently, we are working with:-

We also welcome other operators to work with us by submitting their proposals.

Click here to view our monthly tariff and one-time subscription fee up to boarder.

Cross connection
  • We provide cross connection (transit transmission link) service to enable operators who want to cross Ethiopian border to the other end. Ethio telecom Provides:
    • Infrastructure only
    • Internet capacity  plus infrastructure
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Inbound & Outbound Toll Free Service Revision

In general, the toll-free service is a telephone call service that is totally or partially free of any toll charges to the caller. The Receiver/B-party will be responsible for the cost of the call.

  • OUTBOUND International Toll-free: 

Outbound toll-free service is an outgoing telephone call service totally or partially free of charges to the caller. It allows international organizations which operate in Ethiopia to give call center services for their Ethiopian-based customers’ from a country where they HOST their call center.  

  • Inbound International Toll free: 

Inbound toll-free service is an incoming telephone call service free of any toll charges to the caller. It allows enterprises to set a call center service in Ethiopia and serve their clients internationally.   


  • To improve the quality of service provided and improve customer reach, up to a 37 % discount is made on the Toll-Free Service   
  • Toll-free numbers are commonly used and have proven successful for businesses, particularly in customer service and telemarketing.   
  • Make it easy for callers to connect to businesses,
  • Increase customer service response times
  • Improve brand recognition: Convenience of single number access for all customers.  
  • Bring a Competitive advantage! 

Major Partners:

  • Telecom service providers and carriers
  • Airlines, hotels, and resorts
  • Travel and tourism 
  • Finance and banking
  • Conference calling service providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Horticulture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Contact & call centers   

For Detailed information, please contact

Mr. Tamirat Defaru;
Wholesale Internet & Data Section Manager
Email: Tamrat.Defaru@ethiotelecom.et 
Phone No: +251(0) – 911510378

Adam Demeke Yigletu
Roaming & VAS Manager
Email: Adam.Demeke@ethiotelecom.et 
Phone No: +251(0) – 911614858


Toll Free Service

Ethio telecom provides toll free service with two ways:

  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or Half Leg Toll Free Call ~ Where the caller will be charged for the local call costs.
  • ITF (International Toll Free-phone) or Full Leg Toll Free Call ~ Where the receiver covers all the calling costs.

Customers  can get toll free service with both long number  and short digit (3 and 4 digit) numbers.

International Top-up

Ethio telecom provides international top up service for airtime and bill payment purposes by cooperating with partners like:

We also invite other partners who fulfills the below requirements to work with us.

Service Type Number Classification Subscription and Monthly Rent
with VAT (USD)
Subscription Fee Monthly Rent
Three Digit Short Code Platinum 360 220
Gold 270 110
Silver 160 80
Four Digit Short Code Platinum 270 180
Gold 180 90
Silver 90 60
Bronze 50 45
Normal PSTN/NGN Normal with Ten Digit 10 5


Tariff per Minute

with VAT (USD)

With_ITF 0.23
With_DID 0.20
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