International Airtime Top-Up (IAT) and Bill Payment

Easily top up  your loved ones’ prepaid mobile account or settling his/her telecom service monthly bills in Ethiopia just from wherever you currently are, using our International Airtime Top Up options. We assure you that the transaction is safe and you will be notified with SMS automatically.

International Airtime Top-Up (IAT)


Are you looking for ways to recharge your loved ones’ prepaid mobile account from abroad?

International Aitrime Top Up

You can easily recharge your prepaid mobile account of your loved ones in Ethiopia using our International Top-Up service. Just visit our partners’ websites listed below, directly send airtime from any corner of the world.

                                              Terms and conditions

  1. Bonuses are only for local consumption. Customer cannot use the bonus for any international services (Call, SMS, and roaming services)
  2. Bonuses are Valid for 15 days
  3. Bonuses are only applicable for prepaid accounts (for hybrid accounts the bonus will be recharged only if the Prepaid account is the default one)
  4. Bonuses received cannot be transferred to another user
  5. Bonuses will not impact the prevailing validity period of respective denomination
  6. Bonuses received cannot be used to purchase any package offers
  7. The bonus received cannot be used to SMS or to call short numbers
  8. All existing rules will remain as they are

Our International Airtime TOP-UP POS & Digital Partners

Digital Retailers
Retailer Name Web Address
Orange Top Up
Prepay nation
POS Retailers
Country Retailer Name Web Address
UAE NTPayments
UAE ManGO Wallet
UAE Gulfbox
UAE Upay
UAE Al Ansari Exchange
Italy Sisalpay
Spain Disashop
USA Bossrevolution
UK Poundland
Kuwai ENET
South Africa Kazang

Telecom Service Bill Payment from abroad

Pay Telecom Service Bill from Abroad via International Airtime Top Up

Are you thinking of settling your loved ones’ telecom service monthly bills in Ethiopia just from wherever you currently are?

Postpaid telecom bill payment

It is so straightforward! Just tell them to visit and send the amount you want to pay as a bill settlement for your postpaid telecom service monthly bill (Broadband internet, Fixed Line and Postpaid Mobile services).