International Airtime Top-Up (IAT)

Recharge your loved ones prepaid mobile account from abroad.

International Airtime Top Up
You can easily recharge prepaid mobile account of your loved ones in Ethiopia using our International Top-Up service. Just visit our partners’ websites listed below, directly send airtime from any corner of the world.

IAT packages

Data Only

Data Only

2 GB for 7days
Br. 79

Data Only

10 GB 30 days
Br. 300

Data Only

50 GB 30 days

Data Only

Unlimited 7 days

Data Only

Unlimited 30 days

Voice + Data


2 GB +200 voice+20 SMS
Br. 110


10 GB+1000 voice +100 SMS
Br. 625


20 GB+2000 voice+200 SMS


Unlimited 30 days

Voice Only


500 voice +50 SMS
Br. 77


2000 voice +200 SMS
Br. 385

Gifts for airtime top up

Received (Br.) Gift (Airtime)
Above 1000

Terms & Conditions

  • To get the holiday incentive receivers shall get airtime top-up or package value ≥99 Birr
  • Bonuses are only for local consumption. Customers cannot use the bonus for international services, outbound roaming usage, and off-net calls.
  • Bonuses are Valid for 7 days.
  • The airtime top up only provided for prepaid and hybrid (with default prepaid account) mobile users. Based on the amount they receive airtime and package value; they are eligible to get 100% airtime with weekly package bonus.
  • Postpaid customers and hybrid customers with default postpaid accounts, only get data package bonus while receiving IAT packages. However, they shall not get the 100% airtime bonus.  
  • Bonuses received cannot be transferred to another user.
  • Bonuses received cannot be used to purchase any package offers.
  • The bonus received cannot be used to call or send SMS to short numbers.

Data package incentives shall not apply to those who have unlimited package

  • All prepaid, postpaid and hybrid mobile users shall be eligible to receive IAT package.
  • Suspended mobile number can receive and be released from the suspension state while they receive the package gift.
  • The validity period for each package will be the relative date (i.e. validity period will start counting from the date/hour/second of the package received)
  • M2M, fixed line numbers and short codes cannot receive the IAT package offers
  • Customers can receive the SMS, data and voice package at any time, the benefit is released upon purchase and the customers can use it only within the validity period.
  • IAT packages shall not be transferred to others.
  • usage priority to packages that have the shortest validity period.
  • All existing rules of package offers will be applicable for the package purchases via the IAT platform

Our International Airtime TOP-UP POS & Digital Partners

Country Retailer Name Web Address
UAE NTPayments
UAE ManGO Wallet
UAE Gulfbox
UAE Upay
UAE Al Ansari Exchange
Italy Sisalpay
Spain Disashop
USA Bossrevolution
UK Poundland
Kuwai ENET
South Africa Kazang
Digital Retailers
Retailer Name Web Address
Orange Top Up
Prepay nation
POS Retailers

Telecom Service Bill Payment from abroad

Pay Telecom Service Bill from Abroad via International Airtime Top Up

Are you thinking of settling your loved ones’ telecom service monthly bills in Ethiopia just from wherever you currently are?

Postpaid telecom bill payment

It is so straightforward! Just tell them to visit and send the amount you want to pay as a bill settlement for your postpaid telecom service monthly bill (Broadband internet, Fixed Line and Postpaid Mobile services).

International Airtime Top-Up/IAT/ Distribution Partnership Requirements

The partnership intends to provide service to Ethiopians anywhere to stay connected to their families and friends in an easy and fast International Airtime Top-Up service.   

Ethio telecom is pleased to invite companies engaged in International Top Up service to partner with us in providing Top-Up service to the Ethiopian community residing abroad. As part of the Ethio telecom digitalization strategy of distribution channel, International Airtime Top-Up service is among the key business priorities. We are embarking on this to enable Ethiopians living abroad to recharge the mobile accounts of families and friends in Ethiopia. 

The service aims at helping the Ethiopian community abroad to buy local airtime used to top-up friends and family’s mobile phones in Ethiopia. Through this partnership, we intend to provide service to Ethiopian’s throughout the world. Ethio telecom International Airtime Top Up partnership requirements:

  • Legal business license specific to IAT to run the business in the country of establishment
  • Have proven experience for availing the related IAT business in other countries/operators (at least three reference letters)
  • Detailed company profile (establishment, experience, past performance)
  • Global reach across continents, number of connected operators, IAT service partners & retailer network. And a list of countries that use a partner’s platform.
  • Local partner responsible for the operations within Ethiopia and with Ethio telecom should provide partnership agreement and letter of authorization to deal on behalf of the International Top-Up service partner. Partners engaged in other business with Ethio telecom may enter into the business based on their merit without a local agent.
  • Business plan, purchase & sales projection for three years, sales & marketing strategy.
  • Acceptance of upfront commission and sales incentive set by Ethio telecom
  • Your confirmation for pre-payment
  • Can buy airtime a minimum stock set by Ethio telecom in foreign currency (USD).
  • Can promote the service within the territories via all available channels
  • Be willing to cooperate with any social, developmental, and business offers via IAT. 
  • A Top-up platform that can integrate to Ethio telecom COMVIVA PRETUPS system, Flexible API integration
  • A platform that can manage end to end transactions with a rich reporting tool, ability to avail different denominations with convenience.
  • Various recharge access channels like Kiosk, Web, POS, App, phone to phone, etc.
  • Availability of customer service (24/7 technical support and account management team for follow up and reporting)
  • Specify Integration & commercialization timetable
  • Minimum Contract Period will be one year with the possibility of extension based on performance review

Interested companies can contact us for any clarification with the below address:

Email: and

Ethio telecom, Churchill Road, EYOR Tower, next to Tewodros Square.