Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet

Enjoy Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet at your home

Subscribe fixed broadband internet and experience the service with your family from the comfort of your home.


Access Speed 


2 Mbps


3 Mbps


4 Mbps


6 Mbps


10 Mbps


20 Mbps


30 Mbps


40 Mbps


50 Mbps


  • Subscription, reconnection, or name change fee is FREE
  • To all our existing customers whose access speed not listed above, we are delighted to upgrade your speed to the next listed level for free.
  • Offer upgrade and downgrade with the new or existing price could be applicable.
  • For new subscription of the FBB modem shall be paid with installment basis for 12 months or customer can pay upfront.
  • We cover all the installation cost up to 500 meters from the point of connection up to your residence. Twelve months instalment payment option is arranged if your residence is far beyond than 500 meters.
  • ADSL Modem price is ETB 1,349.
  • You can subscribe up to 50 Mbps speed.
  • All tariffs are VAT inclusive.
  • To apply for the service, please visit our nearby shop or web portal https://onlineservices.ethiotelecom.et

Home 4G Wireless Broadband Internet

It is 4G LTE based broadband access solution, which uses a wireless network to provide fiber-like broadband access for residential customers

  • Best network performance
  • Affordable price
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Indoor Home 4G Wireless Broadband Internet: the service provided with a USB port for tethering cellular devices.
  • Outdoor Home 4G Wireless Broadband Internet: uses rooftop cellular modems which access the internet from the nearest tower to provide long-distance wireless internet connections.


Home 4G -25 GB

649 Birr
  • Suggested Usage Volume
  • Peak Hour: 20 GB
  • Off-Peak Hour: 5 GB

Home 4G - 50 GB

799 Birr
  • Suggested Usage Volume
  • Peak Hour: 25 GB
  • Off-Peak Hour: 25 GB

Home 4G - Unlimited

899 Birr
  • Suggested Usage Volume
  • Unlimited
  • (will be capped 100GB)

Out of Package Usage: 0.20/MB 0.009/MB

As per customer preference devices are provided with two payment option:

  • Upfront: – Customer shall pay full device price up on subscription
  • Installment Base: – 15% device price will be paid up on subscription and the remaining amount will be settled by 12-Month installment methods.

Upfront Price for Devices of Home 4G Wireless Broadband

Home 4G_ ZLT P11_Outdoor CPE

Price: 4,235 ETB


Home 4G _SLT869-A51_Outdoor CPE

Price: 14,560 ETB

Home 4G _SLT S11_ Indoor CPE

Price: 2,515 ETB

Home 4G LTE-A_ZLT S12 PRO_ Indoor CPE

Price: 4,050 ETB

12 Month Installment Payment for Device of Home 4G Wireless Broadband

Home 4G_ ZLT P11_Outdoor CPE


Home 4G _SLT869-A51_Outdoor CPE

Home 4G _SLT S11_ Indoor CPE

Home 4G LTE-A_ZLT S12 PRO_ Indoor CPE

Upfront Price: 674 ETB
Installment Fee: 321.52 ETB

Upfront Price: 2,317 ETB
Installment Fee: 1,105.41 ETB

Upfront Price: 400 ETB
Installment Fee: 190.96 ETB

Upfront Price: 644 ETB
Installment Fee: 307.52 ETB

  • The service is available only for a residential customer with data only postpaid option.
  • It is recommended for the customer living areas do not have coverage of fixed broadband network and having 4GLTE network.
  • All package prices are monthly based and recurring
  • If packages are not used with in the current month, the unused package resource will be rollover for the next month only.
  • Up/down grade will be possible as per the customer request
  • Subscription, reconnection, name change, ownership change and relocation fee shall be free.
  • It is home based only service which is secured by SIM binding (Device will not be functional with other SIM & vise versa), and location locked to the first location.
  • If the customer wants to relocate their living or service area, it shall be requested to relocate the service.
  • Service termination request will not be acceptable before the end of installment period.
  • If the customer need service terminates before end of the installment payment, customers should pay the remaining installment amount