Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet

Enjoy Unlimited Fixed Broadband Internet at your home

Subscribe fixed broadband internet and experience the service with your family from the comfort of your home.


Access Speed Tariff Access Speed Tariff 
1 Mbps49915Mbps3,320
2 Mbps69920Mbps4,320
3 Mbps89925Mbps5,320
4 Mbps1,09930Mbps6,320
5 Mbps1,24935Mbps7,340
6 Mbps1,49940Mbps8,350
8 Mbps1,90045Mbps9,380


  • Subscription, reconnection, or name change fee is FREE
  • The service is also available in Combo option (FBB internet + Fixed Voice).
  • If you choose Combo option, you will get 25 minutes Fixed to Fixed and 25 Minutes Fixed to Mobile free local calls every month.
  • We cover all the installation cost up to 500 meters from the point of connection up to your residence. Twelve months instalment payment option is arranged if your residence is far beyond than 500 meters.
  • ADSL Modem price is ETB 1,349.
  • The price of the CPE (modem) may vary depending on the actual market price and product brand type
  • You can subscribe up to 50 Mbps speed.
  • All tariffs are VAT inclusive.
  • To apply for the service, please visit our nearby shop or web portal https://onlineservices.ethiotelecom.et