International VAS


Toll Free Service

With this service you will be able to cover fully or partially the telephone service charge of your caller. You can get toll free service with both long number  and short digit (3 and 4 digit) numbers.

Our outbound international toll-free service has two options:

  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or Half Leg Toll Free Call ~ Where the caller will be charged for the local call costs.
  • ITF (International Toll Free-phone) or Full Leg Toll Free Call ~ Where the receiver covers all the calling costs.
Service Type Number Classification Subscription and Monthly Rent
with VAT (USD)
Subscription Fee Monthly Rent
Three Digit Short Code Platinum 360 220
Gold 270 110
Silver 160 80
Four Digit Short Code Platinum 270 180
Gold 180 90
Silver 90 60
Bronze 50 45
Normal PSTN/NGN Normal with Ten Digit 10 5


Tariff per Minute

with VAT (USD)

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