Request for Information on IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Service Partnership Engagement

Interested potential partners are requested to submit their proposal before February 28, 2019.

Ethio telecom has planned to start IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service in partnership with IPTV content and solution providers. Therefore, we are looking for potential partners to submit information on their solution, contents, business models and any other concept that could be part of IPTV service delivery. Accordingly, interested industry players are encouraged to consider the opportunities to utilize partnership advantages by submitting their product information and strategy as mentioned below.

Who Should Respond?

Any IPTV service providers willing to collaborate with us in developing competitive packages and delivering IPTV service to our customers. Additionally partners with:

  • Proven ability to build, deploy and support competitive IPTV service delivery.
  • Rich library of streaming contents.
  •  Industry knowledge and technology experience.
  •  Ability to integrate IPTV solution with ethio telecom infrastructure.
  • Capability to deliver IPTV equipment, platform and applications.
  •  Professional staff capable to plan, manage and execute IPTV projects.

How to Respond

Electronic copy in MS Word or PDF format and /or printed version should be submitted to our Product & Service Marketing Department.

The proposal should include:

 A cover letter which summarizes your response, specific areas to which you are responding, and supporting document (if any).

Response Template

The proposal should include:
A. General Information and Business profile

  •  Company Name
  • Address
  • Business license (Local)
  • Point of Contact
  • If agent, parent company (PC)
  • Company/ business profile

B. Service Portfolio Description

  •  IPTV equipment, platform, applications and other simillar
  • Product offers/Service type such as packages of entertainment & news
  • Delivery options/formats: e.g. Live TV, Video on demand, time shifted media.
  • Access channels including:
    • Users access to contents: via television, Internet/web and OTT application.
    • Subscription via USSD/SMS

C. Engagement Scope

  • Media content diversity
  • Technology, solution and intellectual property right
  • Partnership approach

D. Business/ Financial Strategy on How to Address IPTV Business

  • Monetization options (e.g. subscription based, view based, advertisement based and the like)
  • Revenue model options.
  • Available subscription and charging model (e.g. package, per transaction, ree and the like).
  •  Go to market / Co-marketing approach.
  • High level business plan or revenue projection

E. Key requirements

  • Channel for subscription and usage.
  • Supporting infrastructure (network nd IT) required from ethio telecom.

–  Core network, access network and platform capability requirements.

         –   Minimum connectivity/bandwidth requirement for SD, HD medias.

–   Key integration requirements for activation, delivery and charging.

–   Platform and application requirements  to deliver IPTV service packages

  • Monitoring and performance related requirements.
  •  Delivery time for contents, platform and applications.
    F. Role Description
  •  Description of partner role & the expectation from ethio telecom.
    G. Track Record
  • Case studies, solution brief /demos.
  •  Has your content/solution ever been commercialized before? If yes, please list where it has been implemented, its impact and customer testimony.
    H. Any additional information on IPTV contents, equipment, platform, applications, service delivery, marketing support and business models etc.
    The above template is not intended to be exhaustive and responders are encouraged to share additional concepts & information on IPTV service. Following the provision of information, we will use the responses as an input to prepare any subsequent request for engagement or the way forward.

For further information and proposal submission, please visit Ethio telecom Head Quarter, Dil betigl bldg. 7th floor, Product and Service Marketing Department or contact us through Ato Tamirat Tesfaye via email: Mobile No: +251 911 50 87 07