Get amazing rewards for just using our services!
  • Is a program we use to reward our customers for their loyalty. All you have to do is register and you will begin to collect points which you can spend to get airtime, package, on bill payment and a lot more.



What are the eligibility Criteria?

Mobile Service Usage

  • ≥ 2.5 Birr/day for Prepaid and
  • 75 Birr/month for Postpaid customers
    • 1 Birr Mobile usage=1 Point

Telebirr Usage

  • All telebirr customers are eligible
    • One-birr airtime recharge = 2 points
  • Merchant payment via telebirr:
    • Ten-birr payment = 1 point
    • Applicable for all payments

Steps to use Ashamtele

Via My Ethiotel Mobile App

Via Ethio Gebeta *999#

  1. Open the application and choose “Asham tele” from the menu at the right top
  2. Choose “Registration”
  3. Then press “Confirm” and “Continue”

  1. Choose “Point Transfer” from Asham tele menu list
  2. Enter the point amount
  3. Enter the receiver mobile number.

  1. Choose “Point Redeem” from Asham tele menu list
  2. To change your point for different daily, weekly and monthly packages; choose “Package Redeem”


  1. Choose “Multiple Redeem” to convert your collected points in to minute, data, SMS or buy Airtime/Pay Monthly Bill.

  • Choose “Query Point and member level” from Asham tele menu list

  1. Choose “Query Remaing Free Resource” from Asham tele menu list

  1. Dial *999# and Choose 3 for Asham tele
  2. Choose 1 for registration

  1. Dial *999# and Choose 3 for Asham tele
  2. Enter 2 for point transfer
  3. Send *Receiver Mobile Number*Amount of Point#

  1. Dial *999# and Choose 3 for Asham tele
  2. Enter 3 to redeem points

  1. Dial *999# and Choose 3 for Asham tele
  2. Enter 4 to query point and member level

  1. Dial *999# and Choose 3 for Asham tele
  2. Enter 5 to query remaining free resource

What to get using Ashamtele points?






Daily Voice 19 Min.                250
   Data 77 MB               250


Voice 110 Min.              1250
  Data 275 MB              1200



Voice 140 Min.              1750
  Voice 205 Min.              1800
  Data 550 MB              2000
  Flexi 1452 Flexi Units              2500
Airtime (Birr)       1                50
Voice (Minute)       1                21
 Data (MB)       1               10
 SMS (Item)       1               10
Bill Payment (Birr)       1               50



Feature phone       1            35000
  1st Level Smart Phone       1            150000
  2nd Level Smart Phone       1            250000
  High End       1            750000
Tablet       1            700000
Laptop       1            1250000


Points required for Handset, Tablet and Laptop  may vary depending on the market price

  • All type of mobile service (Prepaid, post-paid & Hybrid) are eligible to register and use the program.
  • It is implemented per service number not per account number.
  • To register and manage all activity related to Ashamtele loyalty program, the customer can use My Ethiotel mobile app and *999#.
  • Any active registered customer can transfer non-expired points to any active, registered customers without any category limitations. But Points shall not be transferred for non-members.
  • Frozen point shall not be transferred and redeemed.
  • During ownership change, points shall be transferred.
  • For deactivated SIM, membership and points will be removed. New subscriber using the same Deactivated service number is allowed to registration for the loyalty program.
  • Point expiry date shall be 12 months. That means if the customer has 10 point on January 1, 2022 this 10 point will be expired at January 1, 2023.
  • For usage less than 1 Birr shall be counted after next usage summation.
  • For free services provided by Ethio telecom, the system shall not give any point.
  • 1 Point equals 2 cents and it includes VAT.
  • If the customer deactivates the service, the point shall be removed.
  • Outstanding bill amount accumulated before launch date of Ethio telecom Loyalty program (Ashamtele) and registration date of the service number (for Ashamtele) shall not get points

Point shall be calculated and send to service number based on the bellow rule:

    1. Prepaid Mobile:
  • 1 Birr Usage for Voice, SMS & Data = 1 Point
  • System will send the point every 24 Hour
  • For package users including unlimited package the point will be calculated based on the package price (1 Birr = 1 Point ratio).
  • Gift Package Point Shall be cumulated for senders since they are the payers.
  • No point shall be counted for balance transfer at the time of transfer but shall be count when they use it accordingly.
  • The point calculation doesn't include Premium number usage.
  • Minimum threshold is 2.5 Birr/Day
    1. Postpaid Mobile Usage:
  • 1 point for 1 Birr (payed bill amount) shall be send when the bill is paid.
  • The point shall be calculated by excluding premium number usage payment.
  • Minimum threshold is 75 Birr/Month
  • The point shall be send to the user if the payer is other customer.
    1. Airtime Recharge via telebirr
  • 1 Birr recharge for 2 point
  • System will send the point every 24 Hour
  • Recharge for other customers, buyer eligible for the point
    1. Merchant Payment via telebirr
  • 10 Birr Merchant payment via telebirr have 1 Point