Ethio telecom is pleased to invite all interested partners to submit their proposal for the Streaming/ IPTV Service Provisioning partnership with ethio telecom. The partnership is aimed to enable subscribers to get access of premium contents, TV channels, streaming, video contents, and communication via the internet with an electronic devices like smartphone, tablet, TV, computer, and other mediums in one place to keep customers consistently entertained & updated with recent information’s and news.

Partners are required to fulfill the following engagement objectives:

  • Provide robust IPTV platform, premium contents and diversity which includes but not limited to:
    • Premium local contents
    • Netflix
    • Disney +
    • Amazon prime
    • Sony Records
    •  You Tube Prime
    • Hulu
    • Others
  • Commit to provide the required premium content adhering to intellectual property rights.
  • Deliver end to end IPTV/streaming service through integration with ethio telecom infrastructure and payment interfaces.
  • Engage into co-marketing with ethio telecom in the delivery of the IPTV solution
  • Content management and other supporting capacities (DRM, DPI, CDN, integration)
  • Willing to agree on a revenue sharing model or reseller modality

Therefore, interested local and international partners that fulfill the above requirements in providing the Streaming/ IPTV Service shall submit their proposal in hard copy to Marketing Division (Eyor Tower, 8th floor, Room no 807) and/or electronically via email at  till February 28, 2022.

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