Contact Center Solution

Cloud-based Omni Channel Contact Solution

  • Moving beyond connectivity.
  • Empower your business with Cloud Based Contact Center Solution.
  • It is an all-round state of the art Cloud-based Omni Channel Contact Solution which boosts your customers’ experience by automating and standardizing the process of receiving and responding to customer requests across different communication channels such as voice, SMS, e-mail, websites, social media and Chatbot.

Features (Add on Modules)

  1. CRM Connector
    • It integrates call centers capabilities with customer data
    • Activates screen popup that pulls customer data and efficiently presents it to agents for enhanced customer service.
  1. Call Back Manager
    • Restore missed customer service opportunities
    • Monitor missed and dropped calls
    • Automatically outreach to customers
  1. Survey Module
    • Conduct automated post-call survey or on email and SMS channels
    • Analyze customer service quality and customer satisfaction in real time
  1. SMS Connector
    • Its customize with CRM & third-party solution to send individualized and bulk messages to mobile
    • This helps to connect with customers, increase awareness and boost your leads and sales.
  1. Social Media Connector
    • Enables control of multiple social media channels with single interface
    • Improve customer satisfaction by responding effectively/efficiently via social media chats from the end user
  1. Case Management
    • It is full-fledged ticketing system that helps agents to easily create a ticket and record important notes while on a call and escalate their case to the concerned team.
  1. Video Widget
  2. WhatsApp connector
  3. Knowledge base


    • Interactive customer engagement
    • Better meet customer needs and demands
    • Fast resolution of customer issues
    • Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction
    • Gain a significant competitive advantage
    • Reduced operational cost
    • Drive cross sell and upsell
    • Availing ever evolving menu of communication options

Ethio telecom provides three Types of Contact Center Services

  1. Basic (Voice Agent)
    • Inbound voice and preview outbound
    • IP Office unified communication user
    • Spaces business
    • APS private contact center as a service applications-voice agent
    • 5,006 Birr/Month/Agent
  1. Advanced (Multi-Channel Bundle)
    • Voice agent plus multimedia agents
    • Unified communication user
    • Spaces business
    • APS private contact center as a service application-multimedia agent
    • 5,239 Birr/Month/Agent
  1. Advanced plus (Supervisor + Multi channel voice bundle)
    • Voice agents plus multimedia agents and IP Office unified communication user
    • Space business
    • It has real-time dashboard and historical report
    • APS private contact center as a service application-supervisor
    • 6,672 Birr/Month/Agent


Basic (Voice Agent Bundle)

5,006 ETB/Month/Agent

Advanced (Multi-Channel Bundle) 5,239ETB/Month/Agent

Advanced plus (Supervisor + Multi channel voice bundle)


Add on Module

Inbound voice***

Preview outbound***


Agent workspace***

Real time dashboards


Last 5 interaction history***

Voice recording***

Email channels


Web chat


Historical report


Call billing ***

Screen popup***

Call back module***

Avaya Space***


Video widget

Customer survey module

WhatsApp connector

Knowledge base

Social media (FB, Twitter & Instagram)

Case management

SMS connector


Additional Tariffs

Voice Recording License per customer

1,222 Birr

Add-on Modules per agent per month rate card

1,257 Birr

One Time Onboarding Fee per Customer
Voice Agent Only Customer

275,437 Birr

Multimedia Agent Customer

325,803 Birr

Each Add on Module

150,512 Birr

Chatbot FAQ based Chatbot for 2 Channels

104, 767 Birr

Chatbot and additional channels monthly subscription

52,387 Birr

Chatbot additional language

15,716 Birr

One-time chatbot setup

1,031,008 Birr

One time setup charges for per additional channels for the chatbot

345,955 Birr