Corporate Call signature

It is a solution enable enterprise customers to set signature message to their staff/company members to advertise the enterprise solution/brand/required messages to their customer.

All calling/called parties of any members of the corporate group will see text-based notification in which message Popped up on the screen.

Service Tariff

  Corporate Call Signature package listMonthly (30 days) Yearly (12 month)
 Price in BirrPrice in Birr
  Corporate Call Signature Package 203801,900
  Corporate Call Signature Package 509004,500
  Corporate Call Signature Package 1001,7008,500
  Corporate Call Signature Package 3004,80024,000
  Corporate Call Signature Package 50,0007,50037,500

  • Corporate customers shall request the service at Ethio telecom enterprise service center.
  • The corporate company shall pay the service monthly rental bill through the generated bill every month. The yearly package subscribers shall effect upfront fee during subscription.
  • When the corporate company wants to upgrade, downgrade, and cancel the service, they shall visit ethio telecom shops and request by letter. The requests shall be effective as of next billing cycle of the company.
  • One member can be only added into one corporate account. If user was added into a new corporate account, it will be removed from old corporate account.
  • If members amount reaches maximum as per the company subscription package offer; new member can’t be added into the corporate account unless previously added members deleted.
  • Corporate call signature admin of the subscriber company can set 3 kinds of signature; Company Signature, Group signature and Member signature
  • Signatures should not include sensitive words, otherwise it will be rejected by Call Signature system.
  • The company can assign its own call signature admin which will have privilege for add/delete member, add/delete groups, set signatures and check bill.