Fixed Line Service

Fixed Line Telephone is wired/wireless phone service that helps to use voice, and fax services. It is fixed in locations such as homes and offices, limited/ no mobility. It is most importantly reliable and cheap alternative services.

Fixed services are offered through the following networks:

  • Fixed wired (PSTN & Next Generation Network (FL-NGN))
  • Fixed wireless(CDMA)

Fixed line service (also known as land line, main line, home phone, and wire line) refer to a fixed ordinary phone service; which is fixed in some place like home or offices. Basically it supports voice, fax and internet services.

It is a service provided using fixed wireless terminal and a telephone instrument. It substitutes the service of the ordinary fixed telephone.

Fixed Line + Fixed Broadband Internet Combo Service

Using Combo Get Two Services in One Line!


Connection Fee

Service Usage Fee

Type of FeePrice
Connection fee for Fixed Wired (Prepaid & Postpaid)280 Birr
Connection fee for Fixed Wireless (Prepaid & Postpaid)85 Birr
Monthly fee9 Birr
Charging System Peak Hour Tariff in BirrOff-Peak Hour Tariff in Birr
Within town 0.23 per 6 Minute0.23 6 per 6 Minute
Across town 0.46 per Minute0.29 Per Minute

International Usage Tariff

Zones ContinentCharge in Birr
Zone 1Africa,9.36
Zone 2Asia & Middle East7.5
Zone 3Europe7.19
Zone 4North America7.19
Zone 5South America7.36
Zone 6Oceania8.95