Fayda National ID

Digital Identity to Foster an Inclusive Digital Economy!

It is a digital identification includes demographic information and biometric authentication (fingerprint, iris & facial image) of a person which enables to proof the identity of an individual uniquely.

As a leading digital solution provider company, Ethio telecom is effortlessly contributing on digital identity registration, printing and distribution, as well as in authentication, to achieve Fayda’s vision through partnership and also support the vision of Digital Ethiopia.

Fayda will eradicate the below listed individual, business and societal problems.  

For Individuals

  • Service execution: individuals are excluded from keys services due to their inability to demonstrate identity.
  • Poor user experience: services provided to users do no match their needs or are delivered inconveniently.
  • Information overexposure: user information is overexposed, putting users at risk of identity theft and privacy breach.
  • Process inefficiency: proving identity involves many steps and documents.

For Business

  • Inefficient service delivery: user facing processes are cumbersome, rsulting in poor customer service
  • Obscure risk: lack of reliable information prevents businesses from accurately calculating the risk of doing business.
  • Fraud: business suffer fraud resulting from stolen or incorrect customer information or poor authentication.
  • Process inefficiency: processes provide out of date data or require checking multiple sources.

For society

  • Service exclusion: entities may be unable to prove attributes and therefore be excluded from key social structures.
  • Service mismatch: services are delivered incorrectly due to the lack of information.
  • Fraud: entities can use false information or misrepresent information to gain illicit access to services.
  • Process inefficiency: processes are highly manual and paper-based requiring human intervention and remediation.


Fayda will solve the above and other similar problems!

Residents of Ethiopia are eligible for the Digital ID. In the “ID Proclamation,” a resident is legally defined as a natural person living in Ethiopia, with or without proof of Ethiopian citizenship, a foreign resident living or working in the territory of Ethiopia in accordance with the country’s law. Hence, this includes:

  • Children above the age of 5 can register, for children below the age of 5, we will soon roll out a special registration program.
  • Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians that have proof of Ethiopian residence
  • People with or without a proof of address, whose Ethiopian residence criteria is on a “declaration basis”
  • People who lack any documentation as to where they live can also be eligible to enroll having a witness registered under fayda.

·       Kebele ID

·       Passport

·       Birth Certificate

·       Education Certificates(Diploma, Degree,Masters…)

·       Business License

·       Marriage Certificate

·       Driver's license

·       Bank Book

·       Vehicle Ownership License

·       House Title deed

·       Professional License

·       Taxpayer Identification Number/ID (ID Card with photo)

·       Election ID

·       Health Insurance Card

·       Pension ID

·       Idir ID Card

·       Equb ID Card

·       Adoption Center ID

·       Diplomat ID

·       Diaspora ID

·       Refugee ID (From RSS)

·       Job seeker ID

·       Student ID

·       Residence Permit

·       Work Permit ID (foreigner)

·       International Organization Employment ID

·       Any Government ID (With photo)

·       Confirmation Paper given by Kebele Head with Photo

·       Finance Institutions ID


·       All types of acceptable documents must include a photo of the individual.

·       When a registrant is unable to provide the above-listed acceptable documents and they can register by witness and the witness shall be registered for fayda.

At Ethio telecom
Selected service centers

For free!

Temporary movable stations

After completion of your registration, you will receive SMS which contains 12 digits Fayda ID number which only belongs to you. Open ‘’National ID’’ mini app which is integrated on telebirr SuperApp to get the softcopy of your printable ID by entering your Fayda ID number.

  • If you did not receive your Fayda ID via SMS
  • If you lost your Fayda number
  • If you did not get your Fayda digital ID on telebirr superApp fayda mini app


Click Here https://id.et/help

Or dial 9779

Total Planned Registration
Our Target at the end of 2018 E.C
Average Monthly Registration

  1. What is the Ethiopian “Fayda” Digital ID and its benefits?

Fayda Digital ID is a foundational ID that enables individuals to prove their identity and offers service providers a trusted real-time digital authentication. Its benefits are:

  • A valid proof of legal identity providing the basic “right to identification”.
  • An identification scheme with “minimal barriers to entry”, allowing equitable access across all geographies, communities, levels of income, and urbanization.
  • Biometric-based identification means the loss of one’s card or credential does not mean the loss of one’s identity.
  • Trusted transactions between service provider and consumer, which allows for efficient service delivery.
  • Promotes accountability and transparency in all economic, social, and policy aspects of the nation.
  1. Who is eligible for Fayda ID?

All residents of Ethiopia are eligible for the Digital ID. In the “ID Proclamation,” a resident is legally defined as a natural person living in Ethiopia, with or without proof of Ethiopian citizenship, a foreign resident living or working in the territory of Ethiopia in accordance with the country’s law. Hence, this includes:

  • Children above the age of 5 can register, for children below the age of 5, we will soon roll out a special registration program.
  • Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians that have proof of Ethiopian residence.
  • People with or without a proof of address, whose Ethiopian residence criteria is on a declaration basis”
  • People who lack any documentation as to where they live can also be eligible to enroll via a“ witness” system
  • Keep in mind that everyone has to come with acceptable proof of identity as per id.et/proof




  1. Where can I register for Fayda ID?

Eligible residents shall visit Ethio telecom centers and partners who have given the right to register customers and the customer must be present physically for biometric data registration. To find the closest live registration center, visit Ethio telecom web site

  1. How much does it cost to get a Fayda ID?

Fayda Digital ID registration is free. According to the Ethiopian Digital ID Proclamation, if you have been registered, you will successfully receive your “Fayda Identification Number (Fayda ID) which will be sent to you via SMS. Then you are a “FaydaID holder”. However, if you want a printed card credential, then payment has to be made directly.

  1. How long does it take to register for Fayda ID?

Registration for Fayda ID takes an average of 5-10 minutes as long as all requirements are properly presented at the time of registration.

  1. How soon can Fayda ID number be issued?

Once you are successfully registered in the system, background processing of your data may take from a few minutes to a few days. Your unique Fayda ID number will be delivered to you through your registered phone number by text message. Primary phone number is a must, will not be changed every time. This is the only way you are contact through. However, in some cases it may take more than a few days for manual and other verification. Rest assured, you will receive your unique number via message from the “9779 or National ID Ethiopia” SMS service center.

  1. Can my information be updated after registration?

A person can update their demographic data at any time with supporting proof online or in person. However, this service will be made available after some time. Data updates will be available soon.

  1. What are the required documents needed for registration?

A valid proof of current address and proof of identity is required for registration.

  • A Kebele ID, a Passport, a Driving license, or any other relevant documents that show legal grounds for the person's identity can be used. See the full list of options described at National ID website.
  • If an individual lacks the proper documentation to register, he/she can bring a witness of a person who already has a Fayda Digital ID and register.
  1. How to retrieve the unique “Fayda” ID Number (FIN) if lost or forgotten?

Any lost Fayda ID number can be retrieved by providing your personal data, demographic, and biometric information or by visiting the nearest registration center. Once this is complete, it is possible to retrieve the Fayda identification Number (FIN) directly from the enrollment officers and/or via SMS to your phone. The service is currently being processed. We will notify you when it becomes available.

  1. Is Fayda ID mandatory?

No. Fayda ID is a right but not mandatory. However, the Digital ID Proclamation states: “Any relying party reserves the legal right to render digital identification a mandatory requirement to offer their services upon the approval of its concerned regulator” This would mean that a given service provider may withhold service until Fayda Identification Number (FIN) is provided if there is a legal or regulatory basis to do so..

  1. Can foreigners in Ethiopia get a Fayda ID?

Yes, Foreigners legally residing in Ethiopia can get a Digital ID by providing resident identification or other relevant documents such as work permits, yellow cards and passports.

  1. Will my Fayda ID expire?

A Fayda ID Number is a lifetime number that is unique to an individual. However, the card credentials and biometric data would require regular updates. Both card and biometrics renewal now stand at every 10 years.

  1. What are your rollout plans in all regions of Ethiopia, including rural areas?

In the next 1 year, all regional capitals and some urban centers will be covered. Before the end of 2025, this program plans to enroll 90 million residents of Ethiopia from all walks of life, geographies, income groups, cultures and communities.

  1. How can I get the printed Fayda ID card?

According to the National Digital Identity procedure, an ID means “a unique number”. That you can register for free and you will receive this “unique number” by text message on your registered phone number within certain hours or days of registration. This number is enough to access any service that uses the number as it has the same rights as an ID card. We will have soon large-scale printing operations if you demand a printed Digital ID card. Moreover, you can get you Fayda ID at telebirr super App

  1. Will the “Kebele” Resident ID be replaced by the “Fayda” ID and what is their relationship?

No, it will not replace it. In its current principle, “Fayda” ID is a foundational proof of Identity not a proof of address. City and Regional Gov’t Resident ID cards (also known as Kebele IDs) are issued by the local government. Meanwhile, “Fayda” ID works at the national level. Work is progressing to ensure that both “Kebele” and “Fayda” work hand-in-hand.

NID Locations


8CWRAmbo 2
11CWRTulu Bolo
16EERJigjiga premuim
17ERDire Dawa kiosk
19ERDire Dawa Premium
20NEERAwash 7
25NERDessie 2
26NERDessie Segno Gebeya
36NNWRDebre tabor
38NNWRNefas mewucha
39NNWRGondar 1
40NRAdigrat SC
41NRAdiha Edaga (Mekelle)
42NRAdwa SC
43NRAxum SC
44NREndaselassie SC
45NRMaichew SC
46NRMekelle 1 SC
47NRQuiha SC (Mekelle)
48NRMekelle 2 SC
49NWRAbay Mado
50NWRBahir Dar 3
54NWRDebre Markos 1
55NWRFinote Selam
58NWRBahir Dar 1
59SERAdama 4
61SERBale Robe
66SERAdama 2
67SERBishoftu 1
68SRAdola Medium
69SRArsinegele Higher
70SRBensa Medium
71SRDilla Grand
72SRNegelee Borena Medium
73SRShakisso Medium
74SRYabello Medium
75SRYirgachefe Medium
76SRYirgalem Medium
77SRHawassa Grand
78SRHawassa Premuim
79SRShashemene Grand
80SSWRArbaminch 1
81SSWRArbaminch 2
86SSWRHossana 1
87SSWRWoloya Premium
90SWRJimma Premuim
96SWWRGambella Premium
97SWWRNewland Kiosk
99WAAZAddisu Gebeya
100WAAZAdwa Musium
101WAAZAshewa Meda
105WAAZEnqulal Fabrica
106WAAZMerkato 1
107WAAZMerkato 2
114WRDembi Dolo
118WRNekemte 2
120WWRBambase Kiosk SC
121WWRAssosa premium SC


2Geja Sefer
3Grand Palace
5Meskel Flower
8Weha Lemat
9Ayat Adebabay
10Ayat CMC
11Bole Michael
12Bole Novice
14Bole Medihanialem
16Summit 72
196 Kilo
23Shiro Meda
25Alamziye Meda
28Nifas Silk
30Akalki 2
37Jemo 1
38Lebu Premuim

Temporary Registration Sites at Ethio telecom Regions

S/NRegionRegistration Center
1Central EastHaromaya University
2Central EastHarar city municipality office
3Central EastMenshen for Menshen University
4Central EastEast Harerge Revenue Office
5Central NorthArerti
6Central NorthTebassie Sub City
7Central NorthSululta
8Central NorthChacha Sub city
9Central NorthDebrebirhan University
10Central NorthDebrebirhan Industerial Park/Debrebirhan Highschool
11Central NorthLegetafo
12Central NorthTayitu Subcity/Debrebirhan teachers education college
13Central WestAmbo university Guder campus
14Central WestAmbo Bus Station
15Central West Ambo Un.Hachalu Hundesa Campas
16Central WestAmbo university Main campus
17East EastJijiga University
18East EastJijiga Referal Hosptal
19EastDire Dawa university
20North East EastSemera University
21North EastKombolcha Textile
22North EastWollo University -Dessie Campus
23North EastDessie Teacher College
24North EastDessie Pepsi
25North EastDessie Referral Hospital
26North EastWollo University -Kombolcha Campus
27North EastKombolcha IPDC
28North North WestGondar University _Piassa
29North North WestGondar Hospital
30NorthMekelle University Adi haki Campus
31NorthMekelle University Arid Campus
32NorthMekelle City Transport Office
33NorthDr Tewolde Health College
34North WestBahirdar University Poly
35South EastGelawdios high School and TVTE
36South EastAdama Industrial Park
37South EastRift Valley University
38South EastAdama Science &Techenology university /ATU/
39South EastNazerth Garment and Textile Industry
40South EastHarambe University
41South EastOromia Police Collage
42SouthHawassa University Main Campus
43SouthHawasa TTC
44SouthHawassa Referal Hospital
45SouthHawasa TTC
46SouthHawasa campus agri college
47SouthHawasa Nursing School
48South South WestWolayta Sodo University Specialized Hospital
49South South WestWolaita Sodo Agricultural College
50South South WestWolaita Sodo University
51South WestJimma University Technology Campus
52South WestJimma University Main Campus/Student Lunch
53South WestJimma University Agri Campus
54South WestJimma Municipality
55South WestJimma University Main Campus/Student Lunch
56South WestJimma Referal Hospital
57South WestJimma Industry Park
58South West WestGambella University
59South West WestGambella Region Admin
60WestAwash-Leka branch
61WestEast Wollega Zone Prison
62WestNekemte Specialized Hospital
63WestCBE Nekemte District
64WestWollega University-3
65WestAwash-Leka branch
66WestWollega University-1
67WestWollega University-2
68WestNkemte City Adminstration-2
69West WestAssosa University
70West WestRegional rental office building

Temporary Registration Sites in Addis Ababa & Surrounding areas

1Lideta Sub City Wereda 7
2Lideta Sub City Wereda 3
3Lideta Sub City Wereda 1
4Bole Woreda 5
5Bole Sub-City
6Gulele Sub City Woreda 02
7Yeka Sub City Woreda 04
8Yeka Sub City
9Arada Sub City
10Akaki Kality Subcity
11Mullege Building
12Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City
14Addis Industrial Village( Kadisco)
15Global Hotel
16Kolfe Wereda 9
17N/S/L Wereda 2
18Alemgena Maintenance
19Gullel Sub city
20Addis Ketema Sub city W3
21Gullel Sub city Woreda 9
22Addis Ketema Sub city W13
23Fili Doro Woreda office
24Burrayu muncipality Office
25Addis Ketema Sub city
26Gullel Sub city Woreda 10
27Gullel Sub city Woreda 05