Mobile Airtime Credit

Clarification on Mobile Airtime Credit Service

What is the service ?

Mobile Airtime Credit is a service that enables you to recharge your prepaid mobile account on credit when your balance is low & you are unable to or It is inconvenient to purchase airtime.

How to use the service?
By sending one of the letter A, L or C to 810 and then follow the instruction.
Who is Eligible to use the service?
You will be eligible when
• Your number has been in service for at least 3 months
• You have a minimum recharge amount of 30 Birr/month
• You have fully paid your previous debt
How much airtime credit?
Depending on your monthly recharging trend you will be able to get from 5 to 25 Birr airtime credit at a time.
What is the Service charge?
The service charge is 10% of the airtime credit amount you used.
When to pay ?
The airtime credit amount you used and 10% of the service charge will be deduced from your next recharge.
How to unblock the service ?
If you receive an SMS notification which says ‘’Dear Customer, you are blocked from using the service ‘’ Please send A, L or C to 810, then send 2 for help and finally send 4 to unblock.
When giving your mobile to other people, please make sure that your mobile service number will not be used for airtime credit service without your consent.