Clarification on Tigray Region Telecom Services Current Situation

Dear Our Esteemed Customers

There has been telecom services interruption in Tigray Region for the last three weeks due to the crisis in the region. Currently, we are able to resume telecom service using alternative power solutions and after conducting necessary maintenance and rehabilitation works on damaged telecom infrastructures:

    • In areas such as Dansha, Turkan, Humera, Shiraro, Maytsebri and Maykadra telecom service has been partially resumed.
    • In Alamata telecom service has been fully resumed

Dear our esteemed customers, we would like also to inform you that we are working to restore telecom services in all areas of the region within short period of time. To this end, we are working on maintenance & rehabilitation of damaged telecom infrastructures and also working with Ethiopian Electric Power to ensure commercial power availability in addition to considering alternative power solutions.

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