Our company far beyond deploying latest telecom infrastructures and ensuring their availability, has been providing digital services to service rendering institutions based on their respective demands, undertaking multifaceted activities to be a reliable technology providing partner and is persistently advancing its journey towards realizing digital Ethiopia.

As part of this aspiration, we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Addis Ababa University which is the pioneering, leading and historical university in the history of Ethiopia that can potentially take the existing business partnership into a new height by providing the leading-edge technology and digital solutions.

Based on the partnership agreement signed today with Addis Ababa University, our company will interconnect 18 campuses of the university with high bandwidth, highly secured​ & protection route (wavelength service), establish smart classrooms embedded with latest technologies, supply various digital services, deploy broadband internet with 24/7 monitoring & fault resolution as well as to supply device and terminals on contract based installment for the university community, share knowledge & experience on a range of respective fields  as well as in the areas of research & innovation and to expand infrastructures and technologies based on demands.

In addition, the two institutions have made a deal to settle educational payments such as registration, exam, application, document authentication, tuition fee, official transcript & student copy, alumni and related service payments via telebirr digital payment system for the platform is convenient for the existing and the newly registered students to save their time and money, enables to streamline the university’s service provision as well as to render efficient services and reduce the university’s administrative cost.

Previously, Ethio telecom in collaboration with Addis Ababa University has jointly designed a curriculum and offered telecom tailored master’s program in Telecommunication Network Engineering and Telecommunication Information Systems and about 152 Ethio telecom professionals graduated in the past three consecutive rounds and have been immensely serving

their company with the knowledge acquired and experiences accumulated. Likewise, our company also made agreement to offer post graduate program for 53 students in the fourth batch in Telecommunication Network Engineering and Telecommunication Information Systems in 2023 academic year.

Furthermore, in the UNIVERSITY INDUSTRY LINKAGE partnership, our company has offered a four month long on-job training for students attending their program in Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering fields. Since 2011, our company has provided a practical on-job training for 578 interns of Addis Ababa University and 3,321 interns of all universities across the country along with a monthly pocket money. In order to discharge its corporate social responsibility and to help the students focus on their education, our company has been providing 400-birr pocket money for each of the 5,500 university students in need of the financial support across the country of whom 150 students are from Addis Ababa University.

Our company is always strongly committed to strengthening such strategic relationships and cooperation with Addis Ababa University in particular and with the rest of the universities nationwide in general so as to revolutionize the education sector through technology and digital solutions in order to ensure the academic excellence of the nation.

                                      Ethio telecom

                                      May 31,2023

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