Our company is committed to continuously expanding various infrastructures and deploying state-of-the-art technologies to simplify daily life of the citizens and modernize work systems, thereby driving the digital economy and promoting the multifaceted development of the nation. Specifically, the company has undertaken its 4G LTE mobile internet service expansions, enabling customers to access high data usage, and officially launched the service in 77 new cities nationwide, bringing the total number of 4G LTE user cities to 417.

Our company has been committed to enhancing technological capabilities, developing infrastructure, and providing reliable services to citizens across the country with a view to creating new opportunities, fostering sustainable development, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, empowering our business partners to digitalize their businesses, optimizing productivity and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction as well as improving our customers servce experiences for the technology being equipped with high bandwidth, high-speed features and reliable data services.

Similarly, our company is dedicated to expanding its 4G LTE service and making a wide-ranging of efforts in various regional cities with high data traffic growth demand and calls up on players in the ecosystem to join hands in realizing strides towards the digital inclusion which paves the way for digital economy.

The cities where 4G LTE internet service are available are listed below.

NoEthio telecom RegionTown
1CERBoku town
2CERUmer Kule
3CERBedeno town
4CERGirawa town
6CEREjersa Goro town
7CERMidega town
9CERFelana town
10CERBurka town
12CNRJida Sereti town
13CNRDulecha town
14CNRFiche Gelila town
15CNRDebre Tsige town
16CNRMendida town
17CNRHamibiso town
18CNRDeri Sokoru
19CNRAli Doro town
20CNRTulu Milki town
22EERFafem town
24EERLafaeisa town
25EERSheder town
26EERAwubere town
27EERBombas town
29EERShekosh town
30EERChereti town
31EERDenan town
33EERChinakson town
34ERRemeti town
35ERMicheta town
36ERMechara town
37ERBesoyiftu town
38ERHare Wacha town
39ERWeter town
40ERBordele town
41ERBoreda town
42ERBelbelti town
43ERKobo town
44ERChelenko town
45ERKaramile town
46ERErer town
47ERDembel town
48ERDoba town
49ERMesela town
50ERMudi Aneno
51ERMechara town
52ERBedesa town
54NEERMelka Werer town
55NEERAbala town
56NEERGewane town
57NEERHarsis Town
58NEERDichoto town
60NEERAwash-40 town
61NEERAlele Sulula town
62NEERDerayitu town
64SSWREnseno town
65SSWRKoshe town
66SSWRTora town
67SSWRKibet town
68SSWRWulberag town
69SSWRFonqo town
70SSWRLera town
71SSWREmdibir town
72SSWRDarge town
73SSWRGubre town
74SSWRGimbichu town
75SSWRDemboya town
76SSWRBodity town
77SSWRBodity town
78SSWRAreka town
79SSWRGidole town

                                          Ethio telecom

                                          May 30, 2024

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