Far beyond ensuring connectivity services across the nation, our company is intensively engaged in digitizing the day-to-day business activities of the society in general and providing tailored services to its esteemed customers in particular by being a leading digital solutions provider. As part of these iniatives, our company has signed a partnership agreement today on January 30, 2023 with Zergaw Internet Service Provider on the provision of cloud solution services, with Kulu Network PLC for rendering Elf music streaming services and with Shedli Trading PLC for teledrive mobile database services to jointly provide customers in need of the services.

It is noted that our company has implemented a three years LEAD growth strategy at the beginning of the fisical year and aspires to be a leading digital solutions provider beyond connectivity. Based on the company’s pledge to translate the strategy into practice in oder to empower the day to day business activities of its esteemed cutomers, it has been consecutively launching reliable and secured cloud services for both residential and enterprise cutomers.

Teledrive mobile database service, which is among the services officially commenced today, enables customers to store large volume files like pictures/photos, videos, SMS, contact numbers and other crtical files in the most reliable and secured cloud database and can access them in times of need. Furthermore, the service users can retrieve the files back in case they lost or get their mobiles stolen.Customers can therefore, download teledrive App from App store or play store and settle service payments via telebirr.

Elf music mobile App is also launched today and it enables customers to purchase their favourite music through the Elf music App and can enjoy/listen to the music anytime without mobile data. Furthermore, the service has online radio programs with five languages and with affordable prices.

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of private and governmental institutions for database and cloud services, our company has built a modern and reliable cloud centers equipped with necessary materials and officially launched telecloud services in the recent past. In addition to this,  our company provides cloud solution services in partnership with Zergaw internet service provider with different options.

Of these cloud services, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud service that allows users to save their personal information from wherever they are, compile and provide various services to their customers, Software as a Service (SaaS)- is a service where customers can get software, paying their license fees using telecloud for a reasonable price in local currency in which they otherwise would have bought in foreign currency,  ERP solutions, file management system, telebirr based digital payment and other related services are available.

Beyond ensuring telecom services availablity, reliablity, quality  and connectivity, our company has implemeted a number of projects like financial and digital services  that  will have a significant positive impact in the life of our society and improve the status quo of various institutions’ existing working systems. Likewise, it will be committed to keeping on addressing societial challenges through deploying latest technologies and realizing digital Ethiopia’s set vision.

                                        January 30,  2023                         

                                           Ethio telecom

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