Ethio telecom provides supports in connection with Charity Day!

Apart from its prior engagement in building a multifaceted telecom infrastructures and realizing the country’s digital transformation vision, our company is taking its part actively  and intensively in major considerable corporate social responsibility programs focused on strengthening communities by targeting the fundamental drivers of long term nationwide benefits in sectors such as education, health, humanitarian aid, environmental protection, green legacy, government project support as well as blood donation and voluntary services provision. In the already concluded this Ethiopian fiscal year, our company has contributed more than 439.9 Million Birr in the aforementioned sectors which have a paramount positive social and economic impacts in the country. 

On the occasion of the arrival of the 2016 Ethiopian new year, our company has been celebrating the six days of the leap year/pagume under the theme of “New Beginning and New Hope in the New Year!” with its esteemed customers countrywide. The celebration consists of packages of programs and have been taking place at the company’s customer service centers, holiday market places, street road shows, social media platforms as well as in a number of outdoor events.  In relation with the charity day being celebrated nation and companywide, Ethio telecom marks the day by providing humanitarian and other supports.

Based on this, under the program coined theme “Kindness/Generosity”, our company has contributed more than 8.89 million birr for the feeding program of 7,112 elderly people and women beneficiaries in 26 charity centers across the country in connection with the occasion of the 2016 Ethiopian new year. It is to be recalled in the similar occasion of 2015 Ethiopian new year, our company has donated 5.2 million birr to over 19 local charity organizations which accommodated over 6,850 residents within their resident centers across the nation so as to cover their new year expenses.  

Furthermore, in connection with the New Year holiday under the theme coined “Hopes of Tomorrow”, the company has donated dozens of exercise book for each of over 70,000 students at more 430 schools across the country by investing over 72.9-million-birr capital. As a public institution, our company is engaged in rendering various supports in the education sector, mainly to share the economic burden of the society, to provide the underprivileged and less fortunate students with basic educational materials and to enable them fully attend school, and to contribute to the nationwide effort of building a better generation of tomorrow.

Apart from playing an enabling role for the society via its diverse telecom service provisions, our company pays due attention to create job opportunities and generate sources of income for the citizens thereby contributing its part in this regard. In line with this, the company handed over 30 mobile kiosks/shops equipped at a cost of over 8.6 million Birr in Kirkos sub-city of the Addis Ababa city administration and managed to create job opportunities for 99 youth organized in the sub-city. This business activity assists the youth to work as a legally authorized telebirr agent and to expand their business through a loan they can get without additional collateral apart from obtaining job opportunity.

On the same day, as a gift of the new year and in parallel with the charity activities, our company in collaboration with the National Blood Bank under the principle of kindness/ generosity for humanity, the company employees and the management members at corporate, zonal and regional offices level, have marked the day by donating blood which is a highly honored gift of a human being to save the life of our community in need of blood. The blood donation was made at our company’s 21 centers across the country.

Our company, through the green legacy and human-oriented support programs it designed for the rainy season of Ethiopian winter program, has contributed more than 119.3 million birr to humanitarian and social sector supports. In line with this, in the 5th round green legacy program, more than 361 thousand trees were planted in 95 areas  across the country; jobs were created for more than 1700 youths who were engaged in digging wells and planting seedlings. Furthermore, it has expended more than 16.64 million birr for the success of this tree plantation program.It has also designed a “mobile feeding program project” to feed and rehabilitate citizens who have been exposed to starvation due to the war in Tigray region, and donated electric stoves that benefited more than 2,300 women. In the first phase of the program, the company has delivered 200 electric stoves for the women beneficiaries so that they could feed starved parts of the society through “mobile feeding program project” expending more than 9.6 million Birr. In addition to deploying latest telecom technologies with better working systems and advancing its digital solutions as well as launching new and affordable telecom products and services to ensure remarkable impact on the lives of the society, our company would keep on discharging its corporate social responsibility by actively and intensively participating in a range of social issues that have positive impacts on our society and the country at large.                                                                     

                                                     Ethio telecom

                                                    September 8, 2023

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