PACKAGE Conversion

It enables customers to convert and fully utilize their existing free resources into either voice, Data, or SMS interchangeably based on their preferences.

  • The service is eligible for both residential and enterprise customers.
  • Prepaid, postpaid & hybrid customers are qualified for this services.
  • The SIM status must not be idle, barring, pre-deactivate, or deactivate.
  • All unlimited packages, M2M resources, data only resources and all enterprise benefits are not eligible for resource conversion service (including ethio telecom staff benefits)
  • Only weekly and monthly packages are eligible for resource conversion.
  • The resources which have the shortest expiry date will be first converted.
  • Minimum threshold is required for converted resource.
  • Minimum threshold for Voice = 5Min.
  • Minimum threshold for Data = 20 MB.
  • Minimum threshold for SMS= 20 SMS.
  • The customer could not be able to transfer the converted resource
  • Once the customer has converted the resources as a gift for others, it is impossible to reverse.
  • All weekly and monthly packages are eligible for resource conversion.
  • The validity date of the converted resource is driven from the original date of the package purchasing.
  • The converted resource is irreversible and cannot be converted more than one. For instance, converting voice into data, then the converted data into SMS is impossible.
  • The customer can convert the received weekly & monthly gift resource based on his/her preference.
  • Resource conversion is not possible for the unlimited package users.
  • Applicable through USSD, CRM, Mobile App and E- Care.
  • Customers can query to know his/her remaining balance
  • The final converted amount will be round up or round down based on the existing mathematical rules of numbering. (if >0.5 round up & 0.5> round down)

Package Sharing

Package sharing service allows the customers to transfer full or some portion of their mobile service available resources (Voice, Data and SMS) to other customers (friends, families, relatives…)

  • The service is eligible for active Prepaid, Postpaid and Hybrid package subscribers.
  • Residential mobile prepaid/postpaid/hybrid customers are allowed to transfer resources to residential or enterprise mobile postpaid/prepaid/hybrid users.
  • The customer will be charged 12 cents per transaction to transfer resource (same with airtime transfer fee)
  • Enterprise mobile customer can receive the resource, but not able to transfer to others
  • The line of Ethio telecom employees (Postpaid line with benefits) will only be able to receive the resource but will not be able to transfer to other lines.
  • Customers with mobile plans which has equal or more than 24 hours/Daily validity period are eligible for this service.
  • The validity period of the shared resource will have the same validity as the original resource (the transferor resource validity period).

E.g., If a customer has a resource with a validity date of 1 Jan 2021 and share some of that package, the receiver resource will also expire on 1 Jan 2020

  • The system should allow for customers to transfer the donated resources.
  • Customers can access the service via USSD (ethiogebeta) and mobile app (My ethiotel app).
  • Unlimited package mobile service resource could not be transferred.
  • Fixed-line subscribers are unable to receive all transferred service types.
  • The transferred package cannot be reversed. A pop-up message will be displayed on the donor screen to confirm that MSISDN is correct before the send button is presented.
  • The life cycle status of the transferor and receiver service number must be active to transfer resource.
  • To share the resource, the sender should have enough balance or the minimum required balance from their donor line.
  • Customers can transfer the full amount of available resource on their service number to other customers.
  • When the recipient's service number status is barring, suspend, deactivate, and pre-deactivate the sender will receive pop up notification.
  • The customer can transfer the resources to the user multiple times until the maximum daily limits are reached.
  • Promotional and bonus resources are allowed to be transferred except for the M2M package and starter package (for new registration), as the package is intended to enhance the user experience.
  • Once the resource has been successfully transferred, both the sender and receiver will receive a confirmation SMS. The SMS will state the resource size, available balance now, expiry date and the donor customer’s mobile number.


Minimum Daily Package SharingMaximum Daily Package Sharing
Voice 3 Minutes100 Minutes
Data30 MB1 GB