Mobile Roaming Service


  • Roaming service enables mobile users to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS as well as access internet service while traveling outside the geographical coverage area of their own home network by using a visited network. Ethio telecom provides a roaming service in partnership with global partners.
  • Currently, ethio telecom has a roaming agreement with 536 operators all over the world.

How do I activate Roaming?

  • Before you travel, please ensure that roaming service is activated on your line and for activation visit any ethio telecom sales shop center.
  • On arrival, your phone will automatically display one of the local networks that have a roaming agreement with ethio telecom, otherwise, you can search the network manually
  • You will then be able to make and receive calls as well as send and receive SMS. Further, you are also able to access internet service as well based on the agreement ethio has with the visited network.

How do I make a call and send SMS while Roaming abroad?

  • Call to any destination within the country you are visiting by simply dialing the relevant area code and number.
  • Make an international call from the country you are visiting.
  • To make a call to other countries: Simply dial + country code, area code, number
  • To send SMS internationally: type your message and send to the number as above.
  • To access GPRS service: apply similar steps you have done in Ethiopia.

How I will be billed for Receiving Calls

  • Your caller will be charged as per the relevant local & national tariff rate.
  • You will be charged for the international part of the call from Ethiopia to the country you are roaming in (it will be applied as per the regulated Inter Operator Tariff).

How I will be billed for Voice, SMS and Internet Service

  • When you make a call and send SMS while roaming, you will be charged according to the regulated IOT rates for Voice and SMS.
  • When you use Internet services, you will be charged according to the published roaming rates for data.
  • All your roaming costs will be reflected in your next bill (if Postpaid) and you should recharge voucher card (if prepaid), unless your caller cannot reach you.

List of Live Operators

Data Roaming CAMEL-GSM Prepaid GSM Voice

Out Bound Prepaid Roaming

 Service Description Multinational companies that are operating in Ethiopia have an option to stay connected with their customers here in Ethiopia. It makes business easy with a free of any charges to the caller. Toll free numbers can be long or short numbers and are very easy to remember


The tariff has two components such as the toll free numbers and retail tariffs. Retail Tariff Termination fees in USD for Retail carrier. To support its payment in dollar for termination cost, retail tariff are set to be collected in dollar for toll free service. Toll free subscription fee and monthly rent has two options for payment.

  1. If local company toll free number is to be routed to international carrier, the tariff in ETB.
  2. If the carrier is subscribing for toll free number, the tariff is in USD
Tariff Zone Content Existing International outgoing call tariff(Br.) Retail tariff ($) (1USD)~18 ETB) Retail tariff Inc 15% VAT

Note: Toll free retail Tariff

  • Retail tariff is per minute rate
  • Retail tariff is not including rate
  • Based on special negotiation this tariff may be changed for specific carrier(s)
  • Based on outbound toll free service agreement, if retail tariff is to be collected in birr, existing per minute rate in USD shall be converted in to ETB with current exchange rate.