An agreement reached between Ethio telecom and Safaricom to apply equal termination tariff rate on voice calls.

Following the call made by Ethio telecom in January 2019 to apply voice call equal termination rate among operators in Africa, in order to contribute for integration among African countries, Safaricom agreed to implement the initiative as of 10 June 2019. The agreement allows the two operators to provide affordable interconnect voice call tariff to their customers.

During a recent two days visit of Ethio telecom’s delegates led by the Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Frehiwot Tamru, the two companies discussed to further implement the equal interconnect termination with other operators in Africa as well.
During the visit, discussions were also held on how to boost business relations between the two companies. Ethio telecom and Safaricom
have existing partnership in various areas including international gateway and interconnect. In the discussion, the executives of both
companies have underlined the importance of strengthening their business relation for the benefits of both companies and their
inter-regional cooperation.

The Ethio telecom delegates visited Safaricom’s Network Operation Center(NOC), Data Center, Contact Center, people management,
shops as well as Safaricom’s agent and dealer management mechanisms. Safari’s extensive experience on mobile money was also
part of the visit. The two companies also shared experiences on product and service development as well as offer management.

The two operators agreed to have further discussion and partnership:

  • To make Ethio telecom a member of East Africa One Network Area Roaming Initiative that is aimed to create affordable access to roaming services for both voice and data to all customers of
    member countries.
  • On the expansion and affordability of international gateway

Enabling prepaid customers to use roaming services.
During the visit, it was emphasized that both companies had an interest to further strengthen their cooperation in regional interconnection to utilize existing resources and opportunities in the region. Both companies have also expressed their keenness to meet the upcoming
regional demand for interworking. Further, the two companies agreed to have further discussion and engagement on various issues including to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in areas of interests.