Ethio telecom, Djibouti telecom to use railway communication fiber for telecom services

Ethio telecom and Djibouti telecom agreed to use the Ethio- Djibouti railway communication fiber optics for telecom services.

In a recent discussion held between Ethio telecom and Djibouti telecom Executives, the two companies agreed to use the Ethio-Djibouti Railway, connecting Addis Ababa to the port city of Djibouti, for telecommunication services. Ethio telecom and Djibouti telecom have a long-standing partnership in various areas including international gateway, interconnect voice capacity, interconnection and roaming services among others.

These cooperation areas are important for the customers of both companies to use interconnect services. In addition, the cooperation between the two companies is also crucial in the provisioning of affordable, quality and reliable internet services for customers.

During the discussion, it was underlined by the Ethio telecom Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Frehiwot Tamru that it is very important to utilize the already existing infrastructures like the railway to provide better telecommunication service. The CEO said, currently the fiber infrastructure is exposed to various natural and human-made incidents that result in a poor quality of service and at times full-service interruptions. The implementation of alternative resources such as the railway is very critical in solving this problem.

Ethio telecom has a similar experience, it uses Optical Ground wire of the Ethiopia Electric Power which is currently playing a crucial role in mitigating the impact of natural and human-made incidents.

In addition, the two companies discussed in the following areas:

  • Regional Interconnection aimed at promoting interconnection through Ethiopia to regional carriers (Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan)
  • On Ethio telecom request for a dedicated bandwidth for its customers
  • Interconnection symmetrical rate
  • Inter-Operator Tariff (IOT) roaming agreement
  • To study and implement the possibility of establishing Point of Presence in Ethiopia to provide international gateway capacity to neighboring countries.

Both companies affirmed that the dialogue has created a better understanding of their partnership and a way forward to strengthening it.

It was underlined by both companies that Africans deserve a better telecom services and cooperation such as this one would help to achieve it. The companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding in various areas of cooperation such as International gateway capacity,

Transmission, Roaming Agreement, Interconnection Symmetrical Rate, Voice Transit, Support, and Communications.

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