Ethio telecom and Immigration and Citizenship Service Sign a Partnership Agreement on Passport Services Payment Settlement via telebirr

Ethio telecom and Immigration and Citizenship Service Sign a Partnership Agreement on Passport Services Payment Settlement via telebirr

Being in the journey of realizing Digital Ethiopia, Ethio telecom signed a partnership agreement with Immigration and Citizenship Service (ICS) today that would enable customers get new passport issuance, renewal services and lost passport replacement as well as damaged passport correction services by easily settling the fees through telebirr payment platform.

The partnership contractual agreement made between the two institutions is mainly targeted at integrating telebirr payment system with immigration and citizenship services platform so as to meet the ever growing demand of the citizens on fast and secured alternative payment services using the newly emerging telebirr digital payment system which is easy, fast, convenient and secure payment platform for the settlement of any service payments.

This reliable and cost effective optional digital payment system would enable citizens easily pay their service charge any time from their whereabouts, thereby saving their money, time and energy being secured from the toiling and challenges they are facing in dealing with the brokers as well to have closely obtain receipt for the service charge payment.

This telebirr payment platform has so far managed to get the attention of over 19.95 million subscribers, more than 82 master agents, 69.8 thousand agents and 18.8 thousand merchants within a short span of time as well as it has been integrated with 12 banks to transfer money from bank to telebirr and with 10 banks to transfer money from telebirr to bank. As the platform is widely preferable in the society for e-money payments, 20.63 billion-birr transactions has been made so far.

Our company has recently signed contractual agreements with the Ethiopian Airlines to enable passengers purchase domestic flight tickets and with Ethiopian electric utility and water and sewerage services providing institutions to collect the monthly service bill payments via telebirr as well as with Hybrid Designs PLC /Ride/ to collect transport service fares and provide online sales delivery and integrating and digitizing the payment systems of many more organizations with telebirr.

Likewise, the company is strongly committed to implement telebirr integrated service payments with other similar institutions and make all payments possible in one place in the near future. It is also highly engaged in transforming the platform into new heights and extends its reach far beyond purchases and digital money transfer, thereby making digital Ethiopia’s set vision a reality that is once thought very distant to happen.

Ethio telecom

June 9, 2022

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