Ethio telecom supports local Charity Organizations on the occasion of the upcoming New Year

On the occasion of the arrival of the 2015 Ethiopian new year, our company has finalized its preparations to celebrate the upcoming 5 days of the leap year/pagume with its esteemed customers countrywide hosting with a package of programs particularly at the company’s customer service centers, market places, street shows, social media platforms as well as in a number of outdoor events.

What’s more, on the occasion of 2022 International Charity Day, our company has donated 5.2 million birr to 19 local charity organizations which accommodate over 6,850 residents within their resident centers across the nation so as to cover their new year expenses. 

On the donations programs held in Addis Ababa today, our company has donated a total of 2 million birr for Mary Joy Ethiopia, Gergesenon Mental Rehabilitation Center and Muday Charity Association which have sheltered a total of 2050 residents. Moreover, our company has donated 3.2 million for charity organizations found in 16 different regions of the company so as to cover the expenses of 4,800 beneficiaries who reside in the centers.

In the 2014 Ethiopian fiscal year, our company has invested over 422.6 million birr for education, environmental protection, government mega projects and humanitarian supports for humanitarian organizations engaged in charity activities in cash, kind, free short code services and telebirr based fund raisings, specifically for Mekedonia Home for Elderly and Mentally Disabled Organization, Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Red Cross Association, Gergesenon Mental Rehabilitation Center, Mary Joy Ethiopia, Muday Charity Association, Ethiopian Kidney Failure Dialysis Charity Organization, Ethiopian Cancer society and other similar charity organizations.

As a gift of the new year and in parallel with the charity activities, the executive members of the company along with the staff have marked the day by donating blood which is a highly honored gift of a human being to save the life of our community in need of blood.

In addition to deploying latest telecom technologies and advancing its working systems as well as launching new and affordable telecom products and services to ensure remarkable impact on the lives of its esteemed customers, our company has been discharging its corporate social responsibility by actively and intensively participating in diverse social issues that have positive impacts on our society and the country at large.

                                                Ethio telecom

                                             September 5, 2022

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