Ethio telecom, in its strong aspirations to go “beyond connectivity,” remains dedicated to introducing various cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions that can transform the nation’s economic and social landscape and revolutionizing institutional operations as well as improving the daily lifestyles of our citizens. In particular, it has been undertaking several projects to ensure financial inclusion and make digital solutions widely accessible, thereby advancing its journey geared towards realizing digital Ethiopia.

Our company has officially launched digital solutions today with the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration, the Petroleum and Energy Authority and Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise to streamline the fuel supply management system solution and replace the paper based traditional system of fuel coupon distribution with digital solutions. It has also made an agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics and the Road Safety and Insurance to digitalize the third-party insurance services provisioning.

Our company has developed and launched a state-of-the-art fuel supply chain management system today that can empower the operation of fuel supply chain management digitally. This digital solution would play a tremendous role in modernizing the traditional and paper-based operational process in the fuel supply chain, to get accurate data, control fuel stock, automate processes, reduce foreign exchange strain as well as for real-time monitoring and efficient fuel distribution.

The introduction of this digital solution will bring about transformative benefits for various stakeholders across the fuel supply chain, including gas stations, end-user customers, fuel supply companies, the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise, and the Petroleum and Energy Authority. This groundbreaking system enables real-time monitoring of fuel distribution activities, facilitating digital fuel supply orders, order acceptance or rejection, and real-time access to crucial information and data.

On the other hand, our company has introduced a digital fuel coupon payment system that can revolutionize the fuel coupon sales process by replacing manual transactions with secure digital payments. This innovative system empowers fuel companies to streamline their payment transactions, improve cash flow, reduce operational costs, and expand their customer base. Furthermore, fuel stations benefit from increased transaction efficiency, real-time information access, enhanced coupon data management, and robust transaction security.
Similarly, our company has introduced a digital third-party insurance service solution powered by a robust payment system in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics and the Road Safety and Insurance Fund. This partnership would be of great significance in addressing the longstanding challenges in the insurance industry of the country, such as centralized data access, timely digital payments, enhanced service delivery, real-time reporting, improved customer satisfaction, and the elimination of paper-based processes.

This innovative digital solution will not only streamline insurance operations and reduce costs for insurance companies but also provide customers with the convenience of accessing services from anywhere. It will also address the challenges faced during insurance processes, enabling seamless digitalization of insurance renewal, ownership transfers, and usage changes.

November 17, 2023
Ethio telecom

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