Ethio telecom has been resiliently undertaking diverse telecom infrastructure expansions aimed at advancing Ethiopia’s digital initiative and ensuring financial inclusion, which holds immense importance for societal transformation and economic prosperity. Specifically, our company is playing key roles in shaping Ethiopia’s digital economy beyond addressing the technological and digital demands of its valued customers, empowering them to enhance their experiences and modernize their operations.In line with its dedication, Ethio telecom has signed a strategic agreement with the Oromia Region Education Bureau today, aiming to establish 82 smart classrooms in selected eight boarding schools and 33 special schools. The agreement holds significant importance in tackling issues related to outdated education model, inadequate school labs, and unbalanced educational resources, facilitating technology-enhanced quality education, and improving access to equitable education in the region. The establishment of smart classrooms is pivotal for educational institutions in the Oromia Education Bureau, as it enhances the quality of education, facilitates the digital transformation of education, simplifies the acquisition of teaching and learning data, and reduces expenses associated with purchasing educational materials.

Furthermore, it empowers teachers to make real time student status monitoring and adjust teaching progress, automate assessments, and generate grade reports, assist them to deliver seamless teaching at their fingertips and easily acquire students learning data.  Additionally, the smart education solution significantly contributes to transitioning the conventional educational system into a digitally oriented teaching and learning environment. This transformation facilitates students’ access to virtual laboratories, high-quality education, interactive learning experiences, blended learning approaches, and personalized learning opportunities. It also enables them to attend classes conveniently from any location and at any time

In not a distant past, our company made strategic agreements with the Oromia National Regional Government, Sheger City Administration and Oromia Revenue Bureau to implement the state-of-the-art smart solutions and digital services, thereby providing modernized and digitalized services and simplifying the lives of the citizens.

Our company actively engages in forging partnerships with various administrative offices of the Oromia Regional Government in several initiatives and we are also committed to further strengthen our partnership in enhancing our technological support and similar endeavors to modernize operational activities within the region and elevate the standard of education in particular and other service rendering offices in general.


                                                     Ethio telecom

                                                      April 1, 2024


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