Ethio telecom Signs an Agreement to Lease its Modern Modular Data Center for Five Institutions

Ethio telecom built and launched modern modular data center recently and has been utilizing it for own multiple purposes and leasing for enterprises. The company has signed a memorandum of agreement today with Zemen Bank, Rays Micro Finance, ZamZam Bank, Hijira Bank and Websprix that would enable these institutions use this modern high-capacity world standard data center for modernizing their information technology system, thereby providing reliable services to their customers.

This modular data center is a high-capacity world class standard data center managed by skilled manpower and has more than five direction fiber connectivity with automatic switch over functionality to ensure service reliability and can help carry out quick incident detection and maintenance activities in case of network connection failure or other related problems.

Furthermore, it is designed to ensure mission-critical data and equipped with extensive security and compliance system controls with 99.99% uptime track recorded availability, reliable connectivity, high electric power saving capacity and cooling systems, security cameras, modern network, fiber cable enclosures and compartments.

Moreover, the data center’s major importance on customer experience includes high availability-best customer experience, flexibility to introduce new platform and service, reliability to run customers’ businesses, high level physical security, fast time to market to host for collocation/ cloud service for the existing and potential partners as well as enable companies, small and medium business and startups to focus on their core businesses, increase their competitiveness, productivity and efficiency.

We would like to thank the executives of Zemen Bank, Rays Micro Finance, ZamZam Bank, Hijira Bank and Websprix for choosing to use our modern modular data center and we are also delighted to invite our data center service pursuing enterprise customers to visit our enterprise sales centers.

Ethio telecom

May 20, 2022

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