Our company, with the strong intention of bridging the financial inclusion gap of the nation and delivering fast and easy financial services to citizens at their convenient and in their whereabouts with low transaction costs, has launched telebirr digital payment system which has now acquired 30 million subscribers in less than two years and this fast, easy and convenient digital payment platform has been playing critical roles in easing the day-to-day business activities of our society at large since then.

The telebirr digital payment platform has been able to fast-track the development of digital payment in Ethiopia and has become an instrumental pillar in advancing Ethiopia’s digital economy and has showcased its capabilities and achievements as a preferred digital payment platform since its launch. The platform, only over  the last 22 months, has acquired 101 thousand agents, 28 thousand merchants, integrated with 19 commercial banks and generated $1.95 million international remittance from 44 countries.

Furthermore, telebirr with its recently launched digital financial services namely telebirr mela (micro credit), has borrowed 2.1 billion birr to 1.4 million users as well as enables 400 thousand customers to deposit 1.7 billion birr in telebirr sanduq (micro saving) service.

On the other hand, we have integrated telebirr digital payment system with several service rendering government and non-governmental organizations so as to modernize their services and make all payments possible in one stop, thereby getting their customers’ service delivery convenient and hustle free as well as the platform enables to pay bulk payments (i.e. salary), traffic penalty payment and serves as the payment channel for the national fuel subsidy scheme and other national mega project payments.

To transcend the momentum of its multi-faceted roles, meet the ever growing demands of the promising developments of digital payment and ease the day to day lifestyle of our society, we have upgraded telebirr App to telebirr superApp with a more customer experience excelling features, all in one solution and officially launched today.

The telebirr superApp, we have launched today, has been developed to support and enhance the day to day life of the technology users/customers and the business entities and enable their customers  to easily access their services via the platform. The telebirr superApp would play paramount roles in enabling our customers to access telebirr financial services, e-commerce and Mini Apps/Programs and social networking & lifestyle as well as  allows users to use the app for a number of purchasing processes and transactions in one digital market place.

This new superApp would also solve the issues that have been observed in the existing platform such as performance, security system, login & registration time and consumptions of phone memory and other challenges. In addition, this new telebirr superApp comprises new features and functions such as biometric authentication, My Ethiotel & our partners’ Apps and many more essential features are incorporated into the menus to make sure that customers can obtain seamless, integrated, efficient, flexible, contextualized user experience as well as a variety of products and services with an increase ease of use to navigate for specific services in one digital market place.

Our esteemed customers can easily update and use the new telebirr SuperApp version from  play store, App store and App gallery without experiencing any inconvenience.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our heart-felt gratitude to telebirr users, customers, business partners, financial institutions, business enterprises and service rendering governmental and non-governmental institutions who are contributing their parts in the process of building digital economy and realizing the digital transformation of the nation as well as call up on all stakeholders and key players in the ecosystem to jointly work with us through integrating their system and application so as to fully utilize the mobile technology, thereby creating wealth and job opportunity.

                                                           Ethio telecom

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