All our non-enterprise customers are under this category. We provide a number of telecommunications products and services to our individual subscribers with great dedications to help them meet their information needs in connecting them to the local through global sources of information by proving the latest means of communication. Some of the services we offer at personal level are: Mobile: GSM & CDMA 2000 Mobile, WCDMA, Data/Internet: Prepaid 1x Data Only Service, Prepaid 1x data with Voice service, Prepaid EVDO data service, Wired Broadband Internet (ADSL, Dial Up internet and so on.

Customer Service

Customer service is a cornerstone to the success of the business. Poor customer service  discourages new customers from trying your product or service.


Our media page lets you know more about all the latest activities of ethio telecom. News, press releases, events, TV programs and public announcements


services we provide to our enterprise customers are: Mobile, Internet, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Virtual Private Network (VPN), VSAT Connectivity


Value added services  are beyond the basic voice call and data services, that allow subscribers to use their phones and other devices for more functionality