Prepaid Mobile

Subscription Requirement

Prepaid Life Cycle Rule

  • Active Period
  • One-way block /Barring/
  • Two way blocked /Suspend/
  • Termination
  • Recycling
  • It is the time which is equivalent to your prepaid account balance validity period.
  • This period starts from the first call made till the expiry date of the validity period of your prepaid account.
  • During this period, you can make & receive both voice call & SMS.
  • The maximum accumulated validity period of an active period is 120 days.
  • This is the period between prepaid account balance expiry date and the beginning of a two-way block.
  • During this time, a customer can receive call/SMS but can’t make voice call/SMS.
  • You can recharge your account and become active. The existing balance will be kept.
  • This period survives for 11 months (330 days).
  • This is the period between one-way block & prepaid account termination
  • During this period, you can’t receive any voice call/SMS and can’t make any voice call/send SMS.
  • You can recharge your balance and become active, but the unused balance will be Zero.
  • This period will only last for 30 days.
  • After the expiration of a two-way block period, the SIM Card will be terminated instantly.
  • You can’t recharge your account.
  • Your request for reconnection will not be accepted.
  • Terminated numbers will be recycled instantly
  • Terminated numbers will be ready for reconnection.

International call tariff structure

Zone 1 -(Africa)

Africa Normal Zone-1


Africa Normal Zone-2


Africa Normal Zone-3


Zone 2-(Asia &Middle East)

Asia &Middle Normal East


Asia &Middle Special East


Zone 3-(Europe)

Europe Normal zone -1


Europe Normal zone -2


Europe Special zone


Zone 4-(North America)

N.America Normal zone


N.America Special zone


Zone 5-(South America)

S.America Normal zone


Zone 6-(Oceania)

Ocenia Normal Zone


Ocenia Special Zone