Ethio telecom supports the Ministry of Education’s E-learning Website to enable students access in free of service charge

As part bridging the digital divide of the nation and its strong commitment to discharging its corporate social responsibility legacy in the education sector so as to support the overall efforts of producing knowledge based generation, our company has pledged today to support the Ministry of Education’s e-learning website to enable pre-primary to high school level students get access to English language website based lessons in free of service charge

More significantly, this internet based intensive e-learning website which is video supported educational aid, will play indispensable roles in improving the English language skills, proficiency and competency for over 20 million students.

As the education sector is one of the sectors that our company has highly given much emphasis, it has covered the service charge of this e-learning website with an estimated cost of 3.75 billion ETB per month, thereby students can freely access video supported English language lessons via and learn at any time from any location.

Ethio telecom, apart from its prior engagement in building a multifaceted telecom infrastructure and realizing the country’s digital transformation vision, is taking part in a major considerable social responsibility programs such as in education, health, humanitarian aid, environmental protection and green legacy initiatives countrywide.

In a recent memory, our company has made a significant contribution recently to the Ministry of Education in its major effort to restore the destroyed and looted educational institutions in the crisis ravaged areas so as to get students back to school and resuming learning through providing a 9222 short code SMS and telebirr App where customers could contribute any amount they need.

Furthermore, a few months back our company built and inaugurated digital learning centers in 66 selected high schools nationwide equipped with computers and furniture along with fast broadband internet service to support the overall efforts of producing knowledge based generation with an investment of over 45.48-million-birr worth that will benefit over 140,596 students. 

Considering the multifaceted role of the education sector in the overall growth of the nation, the company has been giving a special emphasis to the development of knowledgeable and competent students since the advent of modern education in the history of this country. So far, the company has invested more than 4.8 billion birr in the education sector, especially since the introduction of technology supported online education (plasma TV) by connecting educational institutions with high speed fixed broadband internet and satellite communication options (School net) and provided free and up to 86 percent service fee discount. Furthermore, the company has been providing free maintenance service to assure reliable connectivity.

The company has also been providing support to students at different levels with special needs through education, and school feeding programs. For instance, our company has donated 726.8 thousand exercise books for 60,567 students who are learning in 360 schools nationwide in the 2015 E.C alone. Furthermore, in the year 2014 E.C, it discharged its corporate social responsibility by donating 50,000 dozens of exercise books for the primary school students enrolled in 665 schools countrywide which worth over 16.5 million birr in support of the low income group of the society. The company also expended 23.4million birr for the school feeding program for 9,000 students learning in 24 schools as well as allocated 22 million birr as a one-year pocket money for 5,500 selected students of 45 universities granting birr 400 per month for each student.

Moreover, the company has donated 54.4 million birr worth 70,000 mobile handsets with SIM cards for women residing in 846 woredas/districts across the nation so as to bridge the digital divide and enable them access information and empower them in digital economy as well as granted mobile phones and laptops for 250 hardworking female teachers which is one of the manifestations of its commitment to the overall excellence of the education sector.

Ethio telecom, as one of a nation’s proud and pioneering telecom services provider company, would keep on excelling its corporate social responsibility contributions by directly taking part in a range of development endeavors of the nation in general and in making a difference in the excellence of education sector in particular.  

                                             Ethio telecom

                                         November 11, 2022


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