Fraud Awareness

It is intentionally deceptive action designed to provide the perpetrator with an unlawful gain or to deny a right to a victim.

  • Social engineering: – is an interaction technique presenting oneself as someone aiming to access confidential or personal information. Customers might be contacted by fraudsters using SMS, email, social media messages or phone calls.

    Account take over: –  occurs when a subscriber takes out service and does not intend to ever pay the bill. It also occurs when a fraudster use:

    • Stolen SIM cards
    • when threat actors/fraudsters gain unauthorized access into the accounts of unsuspecting customers.

    SIM SWAP (How to attack SIM SWAP): – is a type of account takeover fraud that generally targets a weakness in two factor authentication and two step verification in which the second factor is a text message

    Mobile Money (telebirr) fraud: a recent type of fraud that targets telebirr App account balance through. Mobile Money (telebirr) fraud mainly occurs through:

    • fraudster call, send SMS to customer and abuse with wrong information
    • Install fake application (the same as banks application) and run USSD in background.

    Wangiri fraud: is a simple phone call scam that the scammer/fraudster leaves a swift missed call/message notification on the targeted person’s phone and terminate the call immediately before the call is answered intending to incur high charges when the user returns the call out of curiosity.

    • The users would be therefore curious about such missed calls and shouldn’t
    call back or send an SMS.
    • To prevent SIM swap fraud, make sure your SIM card has a SIM lock.
    • Use strong passwords and keep personal information away from social media.
    • Ethio telecom staff will never ask you to share your PIN, or password.
    • Do not share your personal information such as your one-time passcode, My Ethiotel or telebirr App accounts with anyone.
    • Do not follow instructions from unknown callers repeatedly committed to take advantage of your resources.
    • Do not return a refund for the package mistakenly sent pretending texts/calls whenever you are asked to do so.
    • Do not respond for unknown person who requests airtime or telebirr money transfer.
  • telebirr Accounts
  • Mobile bank wallets
  • Prepaid credit
  • International and Premium Rate calls
  • Social media accounts
  • Identity hijack spying
  • Reach us via 994 or 127 whenever you are suspicious of spam or fraudulent messages.
  • All ethio telecom social media platforms.