Monthly telecom bills payment options

We are glad to introduce our simple and convenient methods of telecom bill payment listed below:

1. Visit our Partners’ Point of Sale (POS) and pay via

  • YIMULU service
  • Electronic voucher card (EVD) and
  • Physical Voucher Card

2. Via Mobile Wallet

If you are using Mobile Wallet Service of Commercial Bank Ethiopia (CBE Birr), Awash Bank, United Bank or Hello Cash, you can easily settle your service bills anywhere/anytime by using your cell phone.

3. Via Direct Debt Standing (DDS)

If you are an enterprise customer, you can settle your service bill through Direct Debt Standing Order directly from your account.
Please visit our shop to sign a contract agreement which is prepared jointly by Ethio telecom and the banks
4. At Ethio telecom and Franchise shops
You can also easily settle your payments at Ethio telecom and franchise shops.

For details and procedures click here

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