Interested potential partners are encouraged to submit their proposals until 15 April 2019.

As part of Ethio telecom’s strategy for the Internet of Things (IoT), engaging in off-grid M2M mobile solar solution is one of our key business priorities which enables us to provide our customers with a healthy, environmental-friendly and affordable solar solution and ensure mobile service connectivity in collaboration with our strategic business partners who own the solution.

Hence, we would like to invite interested companies who have the capability of providing proven, reliable, scalable, affordable and easy-to-install M2M solar solutions with a revenue sharing model and a non-exclusive partnership agreement.

Accordingly, we will review your technical, commercial and support proposals and frame a model to work with. Interested companies can contact our Marketing Division for any clarification regarding the partnership through:
Location: Ethio telecom headquarters, Churchill Road, adjacent to the Main
Post Office

Proposal components

  • Brief company background
  •  Deployment in other countries with operators/experience in other market
  • Solution details:

       – What it is;
       – How it is generated;
       – Specification of the solar panel(s);
       – Capacity of the solar solution/panels;
       – The controlling aspect;
        – What equipment will be benefited/what equipment is not supported;
        –  How much equipment can be plugged-in/used at a time; and
       – What the behavior of the equipment is during the hot and rainy seasons.
Commercial arrangement:
  –  How customers get to buy the service;
  – Payment mode (one-off payment/down payment);
  –  Monthly payment;
  – Payment mechanisms;
  – Price range;
  – Revenue share;
  – How to collect (experience from other market);
  – Number of customers to serve;
  – Expected revenue;
  – High level business case; and
  – Describe Ethio telecom’s & partner’s roles & responsibilities

  • Distribution:
    •  Channels being used/planned to be used and
    •  The most effective from other market experience
  • Security of the solution:
    •   How the system gets controlled;
    •   Who to control;
    •  How payment is secured;
    •  How the equipment is secured;
    •  What measured/told are used to make it secured;
    • How the payment systems are integrated to the solar solution;
  • Support:
    •  Warranty/Guaranty;
    •  Contractual period and conditions after period expires;
    •  Call center/after – sales handling/support;
    •  Sales;
    •  Marketing;
    •  Installation;
    •  Training;
    •  Defect solution swap management;
  • Technical integration expected from, based on experience, if:
    •  Enterprise resource management (ERP);
    •  Customer Relations Management (CRM);
    •  Huawei SDP (Service delivery platform) for third party solution connectivity to Ethio telecom’s other network elements;
    •   Billing;
    •   Short code/s;       
  •    Warehousing;
    •  Sales people; and
    •  Other connectivity, if any.
  • Financing:
    •  How the solution will be financed to make the it affordable for customers;
    •  Experience from other markets;
    •  Funding agencies in other markets (if any); and
    •  Strategy to make it affordable to the mass, and rural areas
  • Related Business rules :
    •  Eligibility / minimum requirement to be a customer of the oer.
    •  Record maintaining
    •  Unpaid scenario
    •  Reminding notification
  • Challenges/success factors:
    •  What challenges are faced in other markets?
    •  What challenges are expected?
    •  What does Ethio telecom need to plan to face the challenges to be successful in the business?
    •  What (do you think) are the success factors for the intake of mobile solar solution for the people in dark/without light.
  • Customer journey flow:
    •  What does the steps to be followed by customers?
    •  Graphical/diagrammatical presentation of the flow.
    •  Marketing propositions
    •  Why the customer buys the solution
    •  Best approach from benchmark / from other markets.