Our company has been implementing a number of multifaceted strategic projects that can immensely foster the country’s digital transformation plan and ease the day to day business activities of our society. As part of these vital initiatives, our company has today officially launched Smart Classroom at Addis Ababa University Arat Kilo Campus in Collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Our company in collaboration with the Ministry of education has established the smart classroom with a prime objective of ensuring wider inclusive learning and higher quality education. For this, the smart classroom has been built having the features: flexible offer, owns the latest standard functionality, easy to adapt, ideahub, visualizer, electronic board and camera. It also enables to provide online teaching, live class, course authoring, mobility, teaching and learning management. The smart classroom will also play key roles for the institute in enabling digital transformation of education, enhancing teaching quality, reducing teaching cost and assisting to acquire teaching & learning data.

Ethio telecom has always been in the forefront in the issues of education and in the efforts being undertaken nationwide to meet the digital transformation demands of the sector so as to ensure academic excellence and empower students to play an active role in learning, thereby realizing digital Ethiopia’s set vision.

Furthermore, the smart classroom will have a paramount significance for teachers in making teaching at their  fingertips, backing up their theoretical education with technology driven laboratories, making their teaching methods adaptable, real-time student status checking and adjust teaching progress, automatic markings & generating grade reports and acquire students learning data.


 It will also empower students to virtually attend classes any time and any place, specially for those who can’t be physically available, get blended learning, richer experience than a traditional learning and personalized learning experience.

The smart classroom launched today is believed to serve as a spring board to replicate it in other universities across the nation, to save the expense previously incurred on the purchase of inputs for experiments and to halt the dangers that can be occurred during the laboratory experiment related tasks as well as to bridge the digital divide between those who have access to utilize the digital technology and those who are left behind.

In the recent past years, our company with full awareness of the fact that we are in a digital age, has given due emphasis to the educational sector and has directly been involving accordingly. For instance, last year, it built 66 digital learning centers in the selected high schools nationwide and equipped them with the necessary learning facilities such as computers, furniture and technologies aimed at ensuring the overall excellence in the education sector.

Ethio telecom, as one of the nation’s proud and pioneering telecom services providing company, would be strongly committed to continuing its corporate social responsibility contributions by directly taking part in a range of development endeavors of the nation in general and in making a difference in the excellence of education sector in particular. 


                                            Ethio telecom

                                             May 26, 2023

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